The network, based on a last generation broadband infrastructure, flexible, scalable, with a national coverage, represents the heritage of Clouditalia

The proprietary fiber network of 15.000 km (equal to 330.000 km of fiber cables) guarantees performance and unmatched levels of reliability and is completed with 6.000 km of Microwave Network. Internationally Clouditalia owns 10 POPs in the cities of Bratislava, Bucharest, Budapest, Frankfurt, Kiev, 2 in London, Prague, Sofia, Wien.

10.200 km Ground fiber
1.300 km Aerial fiber
3.500 km Metropolitan area
fiber network
6.000 km Microwave
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Data Center

Clouditalia provides two Data Center (Rome and Milan) autonomous, but interconnected through a proprietary dedicated line.

They are of the latest design and exploit the best technologies of the latest generation high-density on the market: Cisco, NetApp, VMware, Zerto, EMC2 and Rubrik. The solution promoted by Clouditalia is represented by a mix of hardware, software and network infrastructure closely related.
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